John Miller: Naughty Santa

20 12 2008

John Miller is our Naughty Santa, 5 days to go its Christmas, may the spirit of love and peace be with us this Holiday Season. Take time to share and be not a naughty santa… Hope you enjoy guys Christmas… Merry Christmas…!!! Thanks You….for your avid supports….!!!

Chalk: Hotties to Watch Next Door

19 12 2008
Hottest New MYX-ers
*Robi Domingo
*Chino Lui Pio
Hottest Up-and-Comers
>Marc Topacio
>Nico Ibaviosa
Edward Cullen Look-alike
*Xian Lim
College Crushes
>Rafa Chua
>Joseph Marco
Hotties with Brain
*Marvin Kiefer
Sanjay Chandumal
Ashton Kutcher Look-Alike: Nich Viray
Hottest Fresh Graduate:Chino Tobias
Tyson Beckford Look-Alike: Derick Hubalde
Hottesh DJ: Brian Calip

Lavapalooza:"Daybreak" Hunk Special

18 12 2008
Coco Martin and Paolo Rivero was passionate in thier lovescenes in the Indie movie “Daybreak”, Coco is a boatman and they have a one night to decide whether or not to continue thier same-sex realtionship. The story was entirely shot in a rest house in Tagaytay behind the viels of of words, they are drawn each other, but will sunrise brings this intimacy to and end?. Here are some scene of thier passionate kissing scene in the movie… Courtesy of

Chalk: Hottest Models to Watch

18 12 2008

Carlo Guevarra: Complete Hottie Package
Ry Farinas: Hottest Chef -in-training
Hottest Brapanese Invaders
>Hideo Muraoka
>Fabio Ide
>Akihiro Sato

Paolo Rivero: In Versus

17 12 2008

Versus M2M VCD is already out in videos store’s noted scene for Paolo Rivero who was last seen in an indie Movie “Daybreak” opposite with Coco Martin. Now, he stars again for Versus, he has a frontal nudity scene in the video while he is lying on the bed but it was a long shot. Promotional photos above are courtesy of Pilipig. Click the link for the review of “Versus” via

Will Sandejas & Kristoffer King: Stripteasing

17 12 2008
Will & Kristoffer
Will on see through briefs while stripteasing in a gay bar for a midnight show… and a bucks slip on. Blogger says he has an upcoming independently produced movie “Oliver” he has more daring scene as revealed by Photos courtesy of Pilipig
Here are some shows to watch out:
Grand finals of GWAPONG SANTA 2008
on December 19. Friday, 11:00 PM
at Ate Chin Chin (formerly LIPS) Bar,
152 Aurora Blvd., San Juan City.
* * * * * * * *
Grand finals of HANDSOME SANTA 2008
on December 19, Friday, 12:00 MN
at Manhunt Theater Bar, Quezon Av.,
QC (across PEGASUS)

Boys of Desperadas 2

16 12 2008

Wendell Ramos, Will Devaugh, and Jay-R are leading men of Desperadas 2 movie, it is set to premier on December 19, 2008 at MegaMall Cinema, regular showing will be on December 25, 2008 for MMFF. Watch out for it.
The Desperadas are back! After one fabulous year, Courtney (Marian Rivera), Stephanie (Iza Calzado), Isabella (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Patricia (Rufa Mae Quinto) return to the silverscreen with tons of hilarious surprises guaranteed to crack viewers up with their outrageous antics

It seems that the fab four is still holding on to their “Desperadas” title, as they are caught up again in a new mix up of dizzying issues: Courtney is torn between having a baby and her flourishing fashion career, Stephanie finds herself struggling with a lot of adjustments with her “Mommy Lifestyle”, Isabella still denies her insatiable appetite for Vito’s attention and consistently maintains her love-hate relationship with him. MeanWhile, Patricia believes to have found her ,Mr. Right–the smooth talking heartthrob Congressman Fely. As they continue to collide head-on with their quirky dilemmas, the four lovely sisters will discover a shocking truth about their family that they’re really unprepared for. Their longlost sister Luga Luda (Ogie Alcasid) will suddenly enter their lives and add color to their already colorful lives.

Chalk: Hottest Pinoy Musicians

15 12 2008
Miggy Chavez and Yael Yuson: Hottest Rockers
Mong Alcaraz: Guitar Hero (He is very Cute!)
Christian Baustista: Hottest Crooner
Billy Crawford: Hottest Booty Shaker

Chalk: Hottest Pinoy Athletes

14 12 2008
Here’s the list:
Chris Tiu: Most Valueable Cutie
Simon Atkins: Hardcourt Rebel
Marlon Stockinger:Hottest Guy on Wheel
Rey Guevarra:One Hot Knight
Joshua Webb and Nico Sala: Hottest Rookie
Rico Maierhofer: Hottest Rebounder
Gabe Norwood: Hottest Import
James Martinez: Ultimate Warrior

Paolo Serrano: After the Scandal

13 12 2008

Paolo is making a comeback after being devasted by an alleged webcam scandal and a claimed of alleged extortions. Now Paolo again star in an M2M Video after Masahe with Paolo Rivero entitled Versus, a former original member of Viva Hotmen and who stars in movies, video’s and been a coverboy for various magazine. Photos above are some of the promotional materials of M2M Video Paolo Rivero vs. Paolo Serrano which is available in video stores nationwide.


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